Fast-drying primer for roller and trowel application


Suitable for use with practically all European and exotic woods, as well as in sports and multipurpose halls. Very good filling properties, no lap marks, minimal grain raise and reduction of the side-bonding effects of water-based finishes.


Primer for parquet- and hardwood floors

Alcohol-based primer for wooden floors.

• Simple and safe application

• Excellent blocking of wood ingredients and old contamination

• Intensifies the colour of the wood

• Good price/performance ratio


High-quality, versatile, waterborne one-component polyurethane-acrylic finish

The excellent durability is comparable with that of two-component products. Due to excellent elasticity also suitable for cork. Slip resistance for sports floors with LOBA® SportCare according to DIN 18032.


NEW! The latest generation of water-based surface protection products for parquet


For particularly highly trafficked floors. Retains the natural appearance and feel of untreated wood. The almost invisible layer is also extremely scratch resistant, thanks to the use of high-quality raw materials. Outstanding chemical and wear resistance.

  • Natural texture and feel are similar to untreated wooden floors.

  • Particularly easy to apply.

  • 2-coat full system requiring no primer

  • Increased anti-slip properties

  • No polishing

  • Excellent chemical resistance

  • As easy to clean as varnished surfaces

  • No enhancement or intensification of the light colour of the wood, the original colour is retained.


Drying retarder

Drying retarder, additive to prolong the open time of waterborne LOBADUR® finishes under unfavourable climatic conditions.
Advantage: optimizes the flow, prevents lap-marks.


High-quality, waterborne, two-component polyurethane finish

Popular for its excellent cost-effectiveness and versatility. Advantages: Highest order of durability! Highly resistant to abrasion and chemicals. Also available with a special anti-slip formula for increased slip-resistance.
Stress zone: very highly frequented areas (Attention! Please observe rule BGR 181 of the German Employers' Liability Insurance Association.)

Emissions-tested building product in accordance with DIBt guidelines.

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