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epoxy floor 1.png

*Suggested coverage rates may alter due to variant porosity in concrete*


  • SurePrime Epoxy Prime Coat ------ Coverage approx 8-12m2 per ltr

  • Surefloor Epoxy Base Coat ------ Coverage approx 6-10 m2 per ltr

  • Full Broadcast of Flake Kits ------ Coverage 12-13m2 per 5kg 

  • Fortis 519 UV Stable Polyurethane ------ Coverage 8-10m2 per ltr

  • SureFloor PU  2 pack Polyurethane ------ Coverage  8-10m2 per ltr


DAY 1:

  1. Prepare Concrete Floor as needed (light grind and vacuum)


  3. Apply 1 coat of Sureprime. Shake both PART A & B well. Mix 1:1 thoroughly in a bucket with a power mixer then roll.

  4. Allow  3-4 hrs drying time (weather pending)

  5. Apply 1 coat of Surefloor HS Epoxy. 3 PARTS A : 1 Part B : 5-10% Xylene. E.g.3 litres PART A, 1 litre PART B & 400ml Xylene.

  6. Mix PART A thoroughly with power mixer on drill, then pour appropriate quantity into bucket.

  7. Shake PART B well. Add into the vortex created by the power mixer in bucket, then add 5-10% xylene.   

  8. Never reuse the mixer in PART A if it has had PART B on it.


  1. Get epoxy out of mixing bucket as quickly as possible by putting a “ribbon” on the floor straight away. 

  2. Never mix new batch of epoxy floor coating in the previous bucket. (This will dramatically reduce the pot life. Use fresh buckets with each batch).

  3. Only mix enough epoxy to work with for about 10 – 15 mins at a time (weather pending).

  4. 12-16 hrs drying time (weather pending).

  5. Apply Flake Chips IMMEDIATELY while epoxy is wet using spiked shoes and roll over with a dry roller.


DAY 2:

  1. Vacuum excess flake chips (can be reused and added after 1st top coat if needed).

  2. Apply 1st top coat of SureFloor PU or Fortis 519 UV Polyurethane, 4-5 hr DRYING TIME WEATHER PENDING. Prior to second coat some acetone on a soft applicator can be used to remove any potential moisture being caught between coats.

  3. Apply final top coat of SureFloor PU or Fortis 519 UV polyurethane over night dry.