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A timber brightener that cleans and brightens weathered and grey timber and assists in opening the timber grain to allow penetration of the coating.

  • Highly concentrated.

  • Used neat it will kill mould spores.

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Adequate preparation of exterior timber surfaces prior to coating will greatly enhance the longevity of the coating and ensure less maintenance is required in the future. For best results it is important to choose the right timber deck cleaner. This will prevent early adhesion failure and drying issues due to contamination from tannins and extractives naturally found in the timber.

POWER CLEAN oil and sealer remover is ideal for removing oil treatments, sealers and weathered oil based finishes from external timber surfaces. Apply undiluted POWER CLEAN to a wet surface using a garden spray, brush or roller (no thinning is required).

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A biodegradable, non toxic timber cleaner for removing tannins and extractives.​

  • Remove tannins and extractives

  • Remove mill glaze to allow penetration of the coating

  • Do not have to wait for to timber to weather before applying coatings



A biodegradable paint remover designed to remove old and/or weathered coatings from sound exterior timber surfaces.

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A premium, water reducible, solvent free, oil based coating. Hard wearing with outstanding adhesion and toughness as well as slip and UV resistance. Can be tinted to Quantum’s transparent stain colours.

  • Environmentally responsible – made from bio based, ecologically sustainable products

  • Non-toxic, low odour

  • Hard wearing with outstanding adhesion and toughness

  • Slip and UV resistance



NATUROIL 3180 is an oil based decking oil ideally suited for external decking, handrails and garden furniture.

  • Easy to apply by brush or applicator

  • Water repellent and anti-fungal properties

  • Protects external timber

  • Turpentine based semi transparent iron oxide oil coating system that will maintain the natural appearance of the timber.