SureFloor HS is a two-part high solids Heavy duty 2 pack epoxy floor coating.

It is designed for applications demanding high structural integrity. A multi-purpose epoxy floor coating for roll on coats or seamless epoxy flake flooring base coats, exhibits excellent adhesion and high structural strengths. The exceptional resistance to a wide variety of chemical spillage and fumes makes epoxy coatings ideal for use in heavy industry or marine environments, commercial and domestic projects.

Suitable for all types of vehicular traffic, including Forklifts, trucks and trailers.

Typical Applications

  • Pulp and paper mills

  • Hospitality

  • Refineries

  • Water storage tanks

  • Food processing plants

  • Domestic projects

  • Commercial projects

  • Seamless flake flooring


  • Easy to roll

  • Highly chemical resistant

  • Excellent adhesion

  • High build application

  • Ideal base coat

  • Excellent abrasion resistance

  • Seam free- does not support bacteria growth.




Surefloor HS has excellent adhesion to concrete, steel and timber and will bond to damp concrete.



The surface appearance is of an “Orange peel” and effects a degree of non-slip for most dry applications.

For high traffic and wet areas anti-Skid should be added to suit.


Technical Data.



Primer                 Sure Prime  



Recommended thickness

Recommended dry film thickness of SureFloor HS is 125 microns.


Application Rate

Mixing ratio is 3:1 by volume

SureFloor HS should be applied in 2 coats at rates of First coat: 4-6m2/L Second coat : 6-8m2/L


  • Light Grey

  • Neutral 

Chemical Resistance

See page 3 of Data sheet for complete list of recommendations.

Clean up

Tools and equipment may be cleaned before hardening commences by washing with Con-Treat’s clean up solvent.
DO NOT use for Cleaning Hands or mixing with product.



Surefloor HS is NOT suitable for exterior use, or other areas of high UV radiation exposure without a light stable finish coat.
Avoid applying in conditions that could cause condensation on the uncured coat (i.e high humidity or when temperature is close to the dew point).
Can cause interference with subsequent intercoat adhesion and may require the surface be “roughed up” prior to re coating.


Dry time and re coating

Tack free time         @ 25 deg C is approx.  6 hours

Re coat time           @ 25 deg C is approx. 14-20 hours

Cure time                @ 25deg C Product will fully cure within 7 days.

Foot Traffic-able      after 24 hours

Forklift traffic           after 72 hours.

Avoid exposure to chemicals before full cure.

Max operating temperature should be up to 60 deg C


Storage of materials

Do NOT store products below 0 deg C. Unopened containers have a shelf life of 12 months @ 25 deg C



Avoid skin contact. Mix and apply with adequate fresh ventilation.

Contents are flammable. KEEP AWAY from FIRE  or Naked FLAME.

If swallowed call a doctor or Poisons info.


  • To extend working times, get the epoxy out of the mixing bucket as quickly as possible by putting a “ribbon” on the floor straight away.

  • Never mix a new batch of epoxy floor coating in the previous bucket as this will dramatically reduce the pot life.

  • Use fresh buckets with each batch.

  • Only mix enough epoxy to work with for about 10 – 15 mins at a time.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can SureFloor HS be used over timber?

Yes, sand and prime with SurePrime 1st. Ensure timber is dry and has no movement.

Can SureFloor HS be used over sheet metal?

Yes, etch with a grinder 1st and then prime with SurePrime.

(Not normally required, however exceptional adhesion will be achieved when used).