SurePrime Primer / Sealer is a medium solids two-component clear solvent-type epoxy.

The low viscosity enables high penetration into concrete and render.

Ideal for priming under light colours in the SureFloor epoxy series.

Typical Uses

For use on concrete where a penetrating epoxy primer is required or as a two-coat system where an easy-to-smooth clean, clear coating is needed.

  • Dustproofing warehouse floors

  • Multi-level carparks

  • Light manufacturing facilities

  • Workshops

  • Coolrooms

  • New concrete that cannot be acid etched

Features & Benefits

  • 1:1 Mixing ratio

  • Proportioned packaging

  • Excellent adhesion

  • Non-Slip with the addition of non-slip additives

  • Good coverage -  economical

  • more durable than 1 pack coatings

  • easily cleaned

Chemical resistance.

  • Splash & Spillage

  • Most Hydrocarbon solvents

  • refined petroleum products

  • weak solutions of inorganic acids

  • neutral and alkali salts

  • Most Common alkalies


Susceptible to chalking in external environments.

Do not apply to concrete surfaces below 5 deg C


8 - 14 m2 / L (Concrete texture and porosity pending)


Brush or Roller


2.5 - 3 hrs @ 25 deg C

Max recoat time: 48 hrs

Hard Dry - 12 hrs

Full cure - 7 days

Clean up : Xylene clean up solvent


Part A - Clear

Part B - Amber


40L Kit includes- Part A- 20L, Part B- 20L

  8L Kit includes- Part A-  4L , Part B-  4L