Is a catalyst solution for the Fortis Coat 519 polyurethane systems.


This product can be used to adjust the viscosity and cure rate of the Fortis moisture curing polyurethane’s at extremely low temperatures.

Ensure only thin spread rate is used.


  • Mild odour

  • Xylene free

  • Flash point above normal room temperature

  • Promotes faster curing at low temperatures




  • Colourless liquid

  • Odour                    - Slight odour

  • Solubility in Water  - Partly soluble

  • Specific Gravity     - 0.98

  • Flash point             - 45oC

  • Packaging             - 1L




  • Can be used together with Fortis Coat 519 Gloss very effectively, to a maximum additive level of 1½%        (60mls per 4L) in Fortis Coat 519 Gloss.

  • Do not use excessive amounts as too much catalyst can cause poor inter-coat adhesion by over-curing, and gassing in humid conditions and/or high builds.




  • To prevent solvent entrapment ensure coverage rate is 9-10m2/L

  • DO NOT use when there is excessive heat or humidity.

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