As a non-yellowing clear single pack polyurethane floor coating; This coating has been specifically designed to be used on concrete and timber to provide a long lasting protective coating that does not discolor.

For use in any application requiring a high performance, low maintenance, heavy duty stain resistant coating.

These include Timber floors, Flake coatings, Exposed Aggregate, Timber furniture, Warehouses, factory floors,

retail shop flooring, Cafes and restaurants, workshops, garages and wooden boats.

  • Low Odour moisture cure coating

  • Xylene Free

  • Non-yellowing polyurethane

  • Superior performance in interior and exterior applications

  • Extremely high adhesion, flow & wet edge

  • Fast curing in a wide range of temperatures

  • Exterior/ interior use

  • Contains UV absorbers

  • Chemical resistant

  • Tire stain resistant

  • Highly durable


Colour :clear 

Comes in Gloss, Satin and Matt - See TDS on Mobile devices for cure rates.





Number of Coats: Min

Recoat time:

Final Cure:

Pack Size:



Base Coat

 50 Microns @ 8m2/L

 8 - 10m2 /L


 6 - 24hrs @ 25 deg C-

 65% Relative Humidity.

 7 Days

 4L / 20L


 Final Coat

 50 Microns @ 8m2/L

 8 - 10m2 /L


 6 - 12 hrs.

 7 Days



 Final Coat ONLY

 50 Microns @ 8m2/L

 8 - 10m2 /L


 6 - 12 hrs.

 7 Days


Technical Data.



Can be applied Over new concrete, Old concrete,


Only poor out what you will use in 30 mins… Do not return unused product back to original container.


You will need

Use a good quality 5mm Roller

150 grit mesh screen sand paper.


In cold conditions Fortis Through-cure Catalyst solution.



The total build on new surfaces should be achieved using 3 coats at the recommended application rate.

On recoat work, one or two coats are sufficient.

It is essential to sand between coats after 12 hours cure for improved inter-coat adhesion.

Final cure is achieved after 7 days.



Only light foot traffic for first 2-3 days. Do not place any mats or covering on coated items until fully cured. Do not wash surface until fully cured. 7 Days.

Doing so could reduce gloss level.

Only use a neutral cleaner be used to maintain coating.



Allow rollers to cure prior to discarding.



Contains isocyanates. Please refer to Material Safety Data Sheet prior to use..

Store in cool, dry conditions, out of direct sunlight and in a well ventilated area.

DO NOT store below:

  • Fortis Coat 519 Gloss : 10 deg C or over 50 deg C

  • Fortis Coat 519 Satin:    5  deg C or over 40 deg C

  • Fortis Coat 519 Matt :    5  deg C or over 40 deg C


  • Good industrial hygiene should be observed at all times – Appropriate PPE should be worn including impervious gloves & eye wear.


4L, 20L



12mths @ 25 deg C - unopened



For more detailed instructions, please see Fortis Coat 519 Data sheets on this page.