All Bona finishes are non-yellowing and offer a choice of sealers and top coats depending on the timber species and requirements for appearance and usage performance. For an overview of the Bona range of finishes and primers download the Bona Timber Floor Finishes Guide.



Prime Intense is a 100% polyurethane sealer water-based designed to reduce 'tannin bleed' in timber species such as Blackbutt. Tannin bleed describes a phenomenon where a blotchy, green look is seen after applying water-based coatings on timber species containing high amounts of tannin; this effect is most noticeable with Blackbutt. Intense gives a greater depth and colour compared to other water-based primers and is suitable for use on most timber species. Intense is compatible with all Bona top coats.

prime white.png


Bona White is a coloured water based primer for untreated wooden floors designed to give an enhanced whitewashed appearance on lighter timber species. The intensity and depth of colour can be controlled by the number of applications. Applied in a single layer it typically gives a light whitewashed appearance and on some timber species can preserve an impression of raw, untreated wood. For a more solid white feel two, or more, applications may be made. The highly forgiving formulation is designed for easy roller application.

For the best appearance combine Bona White with Traffic HD Extra Matt, Traffic Matt Traffic Natural or Bona Mega One.

• • •

Whitewashed look Controls wood yellowing Easy roller application

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Bona Mega is a water -based oil-modified polyurethane finish derived from pure, natural vegetable oil. It uses self-crosslinking technology to produce a durable film suitable for protecting wooden floors in domestic areas and lightly trafficked commercial areas. Bona Mega has a low permeability and minimises the possibility of side-bonding effects.

  •   High resistance to wear, scuff marks and scratches

  •   Very good chemical resistance

  •   Meets DIN 18032:2 for slip resistance (gloss, silkmatt & matt)

  •   Classified EC1 for very low emissions

  •   Approved by DIBt for better indoor air quality

  •   NMP and NEP free

mega one.png


Bona Mega One is a one component polyurethane finish designed for use in domestic and light commercial environments. A clear, non-yellowing formula brings a warm wood colouration while giving a full even appearance. Bona Mega One is easy to use, quick drying and effortlessly reliable. It is particularly suitable for light coloured timbers or in combination with Bona White.

   

High build characteristics Reduced drying time Excellent sanding properties Non-yellowing

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Bona Traffic is a 100% polyurethane two component water-based top coat for the treatment of timber floors subjected to very heavy wear. It can also be used to re-coat most pre-finished and previously finished floors. Traffic is designed for use in commercial and high traffic situations where maximum wear resistance is required. It should be used in conjunction with Bona Prime Intense, Classic or White. Traffic is available in a very flat Matt (IP) or Satin sheen to highlight the natural colour and grain of the timber.



Bona Traffic HD is a water-based two component top coat designed for use in public areas subject to very high levels of traffic. Traffic HD offers fantastic scratch, scuff and chemical resistance combined with a significantly higher wear resistance compared to the already high standards of Bona Traffic. Add to this a 40% lowering of the solvent content and early development of all of the performance factors which means that after 24 hours Traffic HD is already able to be put back into full use.

  • Traffic HD should be used together with Bona Prime Intense, Classic or White.

    Available as Satin and Extra Matt.



Bona Traffic HD Anti-Slip has been designed to bring all of the benefits of Bona Traffic HD together with performance that meets the requirements for slip resistance for timber flooring in commercial buildings. Bona Traffic HD Anti-Slip surpasses the P3 rating needed for floors and staircases in both commercial and domestic buildings whilst giving excellent performance with regard to wear, scuff and scratch resistance.